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        Welcome: Ji Ning Shengtai Electric Co., Ltd.
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Ji Ning Shengtai Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the "Oriental Holy City" --- the hometown of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong. Adjacent to State Road 104, north-east, 327 State Road, east of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail stop in Qufu, the transportation is very convenient. We are a professional committed to the connector design, production and sales in one of the manufacturers. Shengtai Electric has been widely recognized by customers and trust, many of our products have reached the relevant industry standards, strict implementation of China National Standard GB /...


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Shengtai Electric Co., Ltd.

        Phone: 13465793985

        Tel: 0537-4640484

        Email: sdstnetcn@163.com

        Add: Qufu City, Shandong Province,XiaoXue Industrial Park, 104 State Road west

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